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GetNetSmart Logo Design

If you’re looking for a new logo design, we've illustrated below two sample logo types that may prove helpful in the decision making process. Both logo service types are budget-wise and timeline friendly.

You only need a logo for the web site and possibly business cards –

This sounds quick and affordable! We offer a simple text logo option for a very affordable price.

You'd like to have a logo that includes a glyph or avatar -

An icon or illustration representative of your service or product displayed here is an example of taking a text logo to the next level.

I like my logo but it may need some tweaking ...

If you have a company logo but would like to spruce it up a bit, we’ve done that too! Below is a great example of how we can improve a logo while maintaining original concept and style. Whether it’s cleaning it up or updating the style or colors, we’d love to help bring your logo back to life.

Old Logo

New logo - (After redraw, color and graphic effects)

If you already have a logo, that's great.

Here is what we'll need from you in order to use it properly on your new web site ...

It is most ideal for us to have the logo source file of professional high-resolution quality delivered to us via email or CD (layered EPS preferred). This logo file can usually be retrieved from any print/graphics shop that’s recently printed a company business card, brochure, or even made a company sign. We will be glad to contact the print shop directly if we have the proper contact information. Some companies will not release these files without owner permission, therefore we kindly request you the client to make initial contact, open the communication lines and also pre-approve the logo’s release.

Without the logo source file we risk having too small of a logo, poor optimization (not crisp or too fuzzy, muddy colors) and most importantly we dread being stuck with a logo on a pre-determined background color. This greatly limits our design flexibility.

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