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There's no denying Flash animation has found its place on today's Internet. There are multiple ways of integrating Flash into a web site for a truly memorable experience. Before considering Flash for your web site, a few points of reason should be introduced.

Flash Animations: Trick or Treat?

Animations on a web site can be irresistibly inviting and they can also be truly annoying. In surfing the Internet, one can easily find an example of each. A good starting question to ask yourself ... "Can Flash help better serve my web site visitor"?

Whether it’s a visual emphasis on your company’s tag line, or a more complex delivery of company information, an animation should always have purpose and be non-obtrusive. Even a slight animation can enhance user experience. The key is to use it sparingly, wisely and appropriately. Unless the intent is to "show off", keep it simple. There are a multitude of choices when deciding what to animate. However to keep it simple we've outlined below a few basic categories animations fall under:

1. Animation for visual intrigue

Some examples are:

Imperium Partners
LJH Financial Marketing

2. An interactive resource

Defined best as instant delivery of helpful informational or educational content in a seamless environment. Some examples are:

Bonita Springs Utiltities

"Save it for Life - It's That Good " An interactive educational tool that delivers animated tips on saving water.

Grande Island Vacations

An interactive map of available rental locations categorized by condos, homes and cottages with a handy road map overlay.

3. The full media experience

Where video, sound and animation are orchestrated as one.

Jody Reed Baseball

Lastly, introducing animation to your web site should be a decision made based upon your web site audience, the message your company is trying to send and also the web site’s budget.

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