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The Domain Name Game

GetNetSmartSM offers Domain Name Registration and Transfer Services as part of a complete web design and hosting package, or at hourly rates plus costs. We help you avoid future problems by ALWAYS recording our client as the Registrant and Administrative Contact (owner) of the domain name.

A Domain Name is the address someone uses to find your web site. When you register a domain name, you have the right to use it for one or more years. A good domain name can be one of your most valuable business assets.

A powerful domain name will be easy to remember, relate somehow to your business, and contain one or more of the key words people might use to search for you online.

Here are some tips for choosing a great domain name:

  •  Choose a memorable phrase
  •  Include search terms
  •  If possible, start early in the alphabet
  •  Register your company name with ".com" at the end, even if it's not your primary web site address

You register your domain name with a Registrar, a company authorized by ICANN to accept registrations. Online prices range from about $16 per year up to $35 per year. There are technical details to handle, and it can be time-consuming, especially when changes to the registration database is required.

Firms registering domain names on your behalf, including GetNetSmartSM, may include additional charges for labor.

* Important Tips:

  • If someone else registers your domain name for you, be sure that you are listed as the Registrant and Administrative Contact.
  • If you will ever need a secure web site, be certain the Registrant matches the EXACT name of the business as recorded with your State.

Once your name is registered, keep track of it! Domain Registration is renewable annually, and we see many problems when database information is incorrect, out of date, or when domain names are allowed to expire.

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