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Your New Web Site

A guide to understanding how the process of designing a web site is started

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A Helpful Guide ...

The following pages were developed with new clients in mind and should prove helpful for those seeking to better understand how the process of designing a website is started. It briefly outlines the design elements and decisions considered in the early developmental stages and how new clients can help us in providing these essentials. Having crucial assets readily available and fundamental design decisions made before the design process begins ensures a top quality design and timely completion of the project.

If you're a new client, welcome aboard - we're so glad you're with us. We invite you to take a few minutes to review these pages and help us help you get started on your new website!


What Will My Website Look Like?

There are a lot of different types of elements that are put onto a web page. The most common are the company logo, photography, links (navigation), animations and copy (text).

Some of our clients are not quite sure how they’d like their website to look, what they want to say or how they’d like to sell their product or service. That’s okay! If you fall into this category this guide will provide simple explanations on how you can assist us in making these type of decisions for you.

Other clients have come to us with an exact vision of their homepage, the desired color theme and know exactly what they want to say on every page. That’s great! We are open and eager to hear your vision and suggestions. Most of what is listed in this guide should be familiar and prove extremely helpful in gathering what assets are needed for us to begin designing your vision.

Timeline Tip!
Media assets and/or design changes and decisions that are introduced mid-stream or during project development can affect timeline, quality and budget.

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